• Industrial Flexible SPEC 44066

    Applications and Features Southwire’s MachineFLEX Power cables are suited for use in wet and dry areas conduits ducts troughs trays aerial supported by a messenger and where superior electrical properties are desired. These cables are capable of operating continuously at the conductor temperature not in excess of 90 C for normal

  • Romex Cable A Brief Explanation

    Most 120Vac circuits are fine using a 12 or 14 gauge wire. The smaller the gauge Number the larger the conductor size. So when your needing a three conductor cable to wire up a basic 2 way switch you will need a 14/2 w/ground cable. What that number means is 14 gauge wire size 2 conductor which also includes a bare ground wire.

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    Electrical Wire Ampacity

    Per NEC you cannot use wire ampacity from a column higher than the lowest wire/terminal/device rating WEAKEST LINK CONCEPT . So in this case we have to use 75 C Ampacity column even though the wire THHN is rated for 90 C. Remember you can start derating from 90 C THHN ampacity –but can never exceed the 75 C capacity.

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    Homemade Batteries #396

    Use clear silicon sealer on copper pipe so pipe will not touch side of can and short out cell. SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW Put Black Tape around pipe at entrance of can so copper pipe will not touch can. Solder wire s to can and copper pipe Notice Coke cans are clear coated on the inside you will have to use Hydrochloric Acid to remove the

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    Easy Antennas for the SWL

    The windom antenna is almost as old as the random wire. Fig 3 The Windom Antenna This antenna is basically a random wire but with the lead in mounted away from the end closest to the receiver some 36 of the overall length of the wire. So using the example shown in Fig 3 of a ten metre wire the lead in would be 3.6

  • Stranded Wire vs Solid Wire in Electrical Applications

    Jul 20 2018  In electrical applications like cable assemblies and wire harnesses choosing stranded wire vs solid wire will depend on the job requirements.The physical differences between the two wires are straight forward enough a solid wire consists of a solid metal core while stranded wires are made of a quantity of thinner wires that are twisted together into an

  • What To Do If You Dont Have A Neutral Wire Smarthome

    What Is a Neutral Wire Since most Insteon compatible wall switches and dimmers require a neutral wire connection to operate you need to know if you have one of these in place. A neutral wire is a type of wire in which carries currents back to the source of power and or regular voltage. Essentially it allows power to return to its original

  • Top 10 Best Glue for Glass to Metal 2022

    The first thing that you need to do here is to find the best glue to use for gluing glass to metal. Generally speaking the best type of glue to use to glue glass to metal is either super glue or an epoxy. Smaller projects are probably best done with super glue whereas larger projects where you require a lot of hold are best done with epoxy.

  • Choose the Best Wire Connectors

    Mar 29 2021  All wire connector types are designed to create a secure connection between electrical wires and prevent the wires from contacting anything that could create a short. They’re necessary for making any wiring

  • Grounding Systems for Amateur Radio Stations

    Use large enough wire to provide good physical strength lets say #16 AWG.. Be certain that it is soft copper . A good test is to heat the wire with a gas flame a propane cigarette lighter works great. If the wire is truly soft copper non alloy wire it will quickly turn green then black and loose all of its tensile strength.

  • Selecting the Correct Wire Gauge when Wiring a Ring Video

    18 gauge wire is the ideal gauge to use with Ring Video Doorbells. It provides the proper amount of resistance and is very easy to work with and makes wiring simple. To determine whether or not the wire you re using is 18 gauge get a standard metal thumbtack and compare the pin to the wire. 18 gauge wire is approximately the width of the pin.

  • Electrical Codes for Electrical Service Panels

    This is a testing tool that is a Non contact tester that I use to easily Detect Voltage in Cables Cords Circuit Breakers Lighting Fixtures Switches Outlets and Wires. Simply insert the end of the tester into an outlet lamp socket or hold the end of the tester against the wire you wish to test. Very handy and easy to use.

  • Copper in Your Home Do It Yourself

    With the right instructions and background home repairs are easy to do yourself can be a fun family activity and can save the expense of calling in a professional. Copper plumbing relies on a procedure called soldering and it is not as difficult to do as you might think.

  • Bare Copper Wire 7 Impeccable Benefits of Using

    May 16 2019  The wire is easy to handle and can reach constricted areas without being damaged or broken. 3. Bare copper wire is super flexible and possesses high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is cheaper than silver and can be used in varieties of industry like manufacturing electrical marine and telecom companies. 4. It is safe and reliable to use.

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    Dearborn Marine

    Dearborn marine wire and cable use corrosion resistant annealed tinned copper conductors with Type 3 marine stranding for extra flexibility and service life. A choice of round or flat multiconductor cables means easier handling and routing. Rugged PVC insulation and jackets rated to 105 C Easy circuit identification with

  • How to size a Cable Correctly Step By Step ..

    Feb 18 2018  Step 1 Determine the Load on the Cable using Article 220 Part II of the National Electrical CodeStep 2– Turn to Table 310.15 B 16 of the National Electrical Code Scroll above or below to see Ampacity chart Step 3 A – Load in Step 1 is 100A or less or conductors are sized 14 AWG through 1 AWG select conductor that can handle the load from 60 C Column.

  • Copper Tube For ACR

    There are basically two types of tube namely the hard drawn and the soft type. Hard Drawn Copper. This type of tubing is rigid hard and stiff. It is not easily bent and should not be bent. Fittings are used to obtain the configuration needed for the installation. The length commonly available is 10 feet or 20 feet.

  • Beverage Antenna Construction

    Copper wire is readily available and relatively inexpensive in large quantities. Copperweld wire is much stronger and has about the same RF resistance as 100 copper. Like copper it is easy to clean and solder after it has been exposed to the weather as long as you are very careful to not scrape through the outer layer of copper.

  • How to Repair a Cut or Damaged Power Cord

    Sep 10 2012  Editors Note As Todd and Joe point out in the comments of this article this repair is not acceptable by OSHA standards. Look for an update to this article with an OSHA approved cord repair in the near future. Contractors can be brutally tough on their tools and given enough time it s not uncommon for a power tool cord to get nicked damaged or even completely

  • Everything You Need to Know about the Corrosion of Copper

    Copper based machine components such as copper rods and plates as an example work optimally when their surfaces are free of patina. The same goes for copper wires they are most electrically conductive in their purest form. Copper corrosion is a slow process so it’s easy to preserve the sheen of a copper brass or bronze item.

  • The Best Braided Line Knots For Fishing Easy Step By Step

    Dec 16 2019  The Berkley Braid Knot. Fold over the end of the line so you have 5 6 inches of doubled line making a loop. Thread the end of the doubled line loop through the eye. Squeeze the end of the loop to form a point this’ll make this step much easier. Wrap the loop around the tag end and the mainline 8 times.

  • Properly Grounding An Electric Fence

    Oct 05 2020  Wire/Tape/Braid Type. It s also very important to use the proper type of wire when making the fence Check out our wires tapes and braids here . For the best results if using solid wire use 10ga. to 14 ga. insulated wire which is rated for 20 000 volts. Never use cables or industrial cables as these are only made for 400 volts.

  • 7 Easy Steps to Wire a Hot Tub

    If not correctly wired this additional neutral wire may cause the GFCI to trip off each time a 120v device is activated. Step 6 Inspect the Wires. Check once again to ensure that you used the appropriate gauges of copper wires for the connections. Always confirm from the local enforcement agency the proper wire size to use.

  • How To Solder A Simple Guide For Beginners and Hobbyists

    Apr 24 2020  Note that the wire will get hot so you should consider holding it with some tweezers or similar. Place the tip of the iron on the wire and let it heat for a few seconds. Then add some solder until the wire is soaked with solder. If it is a thick wire you should turn up the heat on your iron if possible to make the wire heat up faster.

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    Wire and Cable

    Oct 03 2019  Yes The wire or cable is always evaluated for the use specified by the particular column. These uses are explained in the section titled Explanations and Notes for Marking Tables. dash The wire or cable is not evaluated for the indicated use either as a requirement or as an option. Numbers A specific rating.

  • NO OX ID Electrical Contact Grease

    NO OX ID electrical contact lubricant electrical contact grease is an electrically conductive grease that keeps metals free from rust and corrosion. NO OX ID electrical contact grease has been used in the power industry for over 65 years to prevent corrosion in electrical connectors from low micro power electronics to high voltage switchgear.

  • Earring Wire Guidelines Jewelry Making Journal

    22 Gauge –. For small or lightweight earrings 22 gauge one size thinner than 21 gauge can make a good earring wire. You may want to tumble or work harden it a bit to keep it from being too flimsy. 18 Gauge –. At the larger end of the scale I’ve seen some earring styles mainly hoops made with wire as thick as 18 gauge.

  • Wire Types and Sizes Worksheet

    0.008 in 2. 2.0 in 2. 62 500 cmil. 10 384 cmil. 2 546 479 cmil. Notes Calculating the cross sectional area of the 1 2 busbar in units of circular mils may be challenging for some students because an equation directly relating linear dimensions to circular mil

  • Top 10 Thermally Conductive Materials

    Although not as conductive as copper aluminum is abundant and easy to manipulate due to its low melting point. Aluminum is a crucial component of L.E.D lights light emitting diodes . Copper aluminum mixes are gaining popularity as they can harness the properties of both copper and aluminum and can be manufactured at a lower cost.

  • Part 1 Choosing the Correct Wire Size for a DC ..

    May 19 2010  The Circuit Wizard at circuitwizard.bluesea is a resource for a more detailed treatment of wire size selection for DC circuits. It allows you to input detailed information including wire insulation temperature rating and other derating factors. The Circuit Wizard is easy to use and is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.


    Thermoplastic insulated copper wire with a nylon covering. Sizes 8 AWG through 1000 kcmil feature Cerrowire SLiPWire Technology for fast and easy pulling in conduit. This 90 C 600 volt building wire is for use in residential commercial and industrial applications.

  • Comex Live Copper Prices

    1 day ago  Get free Comex Copper Tips. Comex Live Copper prices and charts. Comex Copper Live chart with Volume OI and Prices. Know

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    Sep 22 2021  NSI easy splice in line gel splice kit provides a sealed splice for underground buried and overhead applications. This in line closure offers a fast and simple method for splicing insulating and environmentally sealing low voltage cable splices. Simply install the connector on a copper or aluminum cable place it in the closure and snap closed.

  • How To Solder A Complete Beginners Guide

    This type of solder is usually made up of a Tin/Copper alloy. You can also use leaded 60/40 60 tin 40 lead rosin core solder but it’s becoming less popular due to health concerns. If you do use lead solder make sure you have proper ventilation and

  • What is Photovoltaic PV Wire

    PV wire is set apart from USE 2 wire in terms of insulation thickness voltage ratings and operating temperatures. PV wire contains thicker insulations suitable for protection against various harsh environments. USE 2 is rated up to 600 V while PV wire is available in three voltage ratings 600 V 1 kV and 2 kV.